This set of pages contains information on the US Department of Defense's standard 498 for the management of software development.

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You can download a nice set of PDF files; I've provided .tar.gz form (1310709 bytes), which WinZip will cope with if you aren't on a UNIX system. The README for this is slightly inaccurate; most times on UNIX systems with GNU tar, you can just say

  tar zxvf 498-unix.tar.gz


A set of Word templates is available at the AdaIC Archive. For reasons that aren't clear the templates are named .mww; they can safely be renamed .dot.

The templates were produced in the Software Engineering Department of Monmouth University NJ. They are "Copyright 1995 Richard Conn" and "Approved for public release; distribution unlimited".


Hasn't MIL-STD-498 been cancelled?

The position is that the DoD no longer want to fund standards such as 498 (it was always a bit of a stopgap). They now use IEEE 12207.

None the less, there are still people (eg, prime contractors for UK MoD projects) who stick with 498, for various reasons:

(The last of those is pretty suspect. A 498 project would fit fairly well under the IEEE standard, but not vice versa, since the IEEE one is much less prescriptive).

Simon Wright